Beyond Materials Group PTY LTD

From each customer conversation to every product we sell, we are committed to delivering excellence. We strive to be more than just a vendor—acting as your partner in bringing your most innovative projects to life. We want partners, not customers.

We not only manufacture and commercialize our own products, but we also offer a complete integrated service, from the design of the repair to onsite installation.

From our head office in Gold Coast,  we operate Australia wide.

We specialize in Advanced Composite Materials, Basalt FRP reinforcement products and Carbon Fibre repair systems.

piles protection carbon fibre piles repair corrosion protection beyond materials group

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide customized composite solutions that are easy to install, cost effective to deploy and durable for decades.


A relentless pursuit of zero incidents by accepting personal responsibility for ourselves and others


Listening to customers, understanding problems, and developing technically superior solutions