Basalt Fibre Fabric

Basalt fibre is in a lot of ways a better alternative to fiberglass, made from basalt, a hard, dense, volcanic rock. It provides high temperature performance and superior strength.


It offers a middle ground between glass and carbon, and can be a cheaper alternative when carbon fibre would be considered ‘over engineering’.

Additionally basalt fibre is naturally UV resistant, and can maintain its physical integrity up to 800 deg C!

Beyond Materials Group is a growing manufacturer of  basalt fibre materials and can meet your specification and quality requirements for a wide variety of custom applications. From our head office in Gold Coast we are able to ship our basalt products Australia wide.

Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth.

basalt-twill-fabric-beyond materials


-Construction Industry
-Manufacturing Industry
-Aerospace Industry
-Automotive Industry
-Marine Industry
-Fabrication Industry


-Light Weight
-High Strength
-High-Impact Strength
-Design Flexibility
-Corrosion Resistance


-High mechanical strength and modulus.
-High resistance to chemical aggressive environment and in particular high alkali resistance will not allow to appear of rust or corrode.
-Minimizes crack width and spread.
-Easy to install and use. No special equipment is required.