Basalt Exhaust Sleeve

Knit Basalt Sleeves are constructed with basalt fibre yarns knit into a heavy sleeve to provide an exceptional combination of enhanced heat resistance, thermal performance, and durability. Recommended for a continuous operating temperature of 750°C, Basalt provides an excellent exhaust heat shield.

Our Basalt Sleeve facilitates an increase in the efficiency of a vehicle’s emission control system through the retention of high temperatures as gases flow through the exhaust system.

Knit basalt sleeve is the ultimate solution for extreme heat applications.

Beyond Materials Group is a growing manufacturer of  basalt fibre materials and can meet your specification and quality requirements for a wide variety of custom applications. From our head office in Gold Coast we are able to ship our basalt products Australia wide.

Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth.

basalt insulation sleeve Beyond Materials Group


-Engine Exhaust Systems
-Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Tubes
-Insulation/Heat Containment


-Reduces the heat radiation from the exhaust
-Promotes increased flow for improved performance
-Reduces temperature & vibration breakdown
-Extremely pliable for a tight and secure wrap
-Withstands up to 750 °C


-Heavy Equipment
-Heavy Truck
-Power Generation
-Equipment manufacturer