Fibre Jacket™ Plate CF

Carbon fibre plate for structural strengthening

Fibre Jacket Plate CF is a range of pultruded carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) plates designed for external structural strengthening of existing concrete, wood, masonry and steel members. Fibre Jacket Plate CF is externally bonded onto the surface of the substrate to strengthen and stiffen existing structures, using an epoxy resin specifically designed for the application.

The system is a heavy duty strengthening system for reinforced concrete & timber. It consists of two components: BM adhesive for bonding reinforcement and Fibre Jacket Plate CF.
Fibre Jacket Plate CF can be used to strengthen concrete and timber structures due to loading increases, structural damage or design or construction faults.

carbon fibre plate beyond materials group 2


– Slabs
– Beams and joists
– Walls
– Connections


-Restores structural capacity to damaged or deteriorated concrete
-Increases load-bearing capacity of concrete beams, slabs, columns
and walls
-Improves seismic performance of masonry and concrete shear walls
-Improves blast resistance of concrete and masonry structures

Key Characteristics

-High strength High modulus
-Easy to install
-Outstanding fatigue resistance, alkali resistance
-Short construction period
-No maintenance required
-Light weight
-Corrosion resistance
-Cost effective