There are many drivers for increasing or restoring the structural capacity of structures, including code changes, seismic upgrade, changes in use (which increase service loads), deficiencies within the structure caused by errors in design or construction, or loss of capacity due to deterioration.

Beyond Materials Group offers engineered products and services to provide value-added structural upgrade and strengthening solutions. Whether it is one, or a combination of several systems working together, we develop effective solutions for the most complex strengthening challenges. Solutions include:

Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Composite Systems
Carbon fibre laminating plate
Composite basalt rebar
Basalt geogrid mesh

Strengthening Products
Beyond Materials Group products are used to increase the load-carrying capacity of reinforced concrete and other structure types, including masonry, timber and steel. These systems may be used alone, or in any combination – including other commercially available products to solve complex structural load requirement changes.