In the marine industry, many things onboard a ship as well as in the port are subject to accelerated wear due to erosion and corrosion. Fighting the effects of erosion and corrosion in a marine environment are some of the most challenging issues a vessel owner faces on a daily basis.

Left unattended, corrosion can end up costing significant amounts of money due to equipment failure, downtime and safety related issues. Preservation has one of the greatest impacts to the life of the asset.

Beyond Materials Group offers engineered products and services, that can help owners and contractors to develop an effective repair strategy. We have the expertise to select and install a wide variety of composite repair materials. Making steel pipes and equipment stronger and last longer.

Beyond Materials Group combine unique capabilities to provide clients with both products and repair and maintenance services. Beyond Materials Group also integrates its services with select engineering partners to create turnkey solutions that provide owners with single source, cost and time-efficient projects.

Stop leaks and repair corroded pipeline quickly with BM Wrap, a structural carbon fibre repair system. BM Wrap provides a corrosion barrier for degraded piping using a combination of high performance epoxies and custom-made carbon fibre fabric. It can be installed with common tools in less than 30 minutes, making it a cost-effective way to prevent expensive unplanned

Ideal for:

● Gas pipelines
● Power generation pipelines
● Industrial process pipelines
● Marine and underwater pipelines
● Bulkheads