Owners of critical infrastructure are faced with protecting structures from a variety of natural and man-made threats that create a need for force protection and blast resistance. Our engineered Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) solutions offer fast, long-lasting and economical repair alternatives to owners, architect/engineers and contractors to ensure the project is completed on time, within budget and with minimum disruption of service. These systems are particularly ideal when the repairs have to be completed in a short shutdown time frame.

Beyond Materials Group offers engineered products and services that can assist owners, engineers, and contracting partners in the development and implementation of value-added structural upgrade and force protection solutions.

Some of the repair and strengthening projects in this industry that can benefit from FRP solutions are:

1. Strengthening of floors, beams, columns and walls with carbon fibre repair systems
2. Repair and strengthening of steel, concrete and fiberglass tanks with carbon fibre repair systems
3. Blast retrofit/mitigation or force protection with carbon fibre repair systems
4. Seismic strengthening of concrete and masonry buildings with carbon fibre repair systems
5. Trenchless repair of high-pressure pipelines (internally or externally) with wet layup of carbon fibre systems