Traditional strengthening materials and techniques have proven inadequate and/or inapplicable in many cases of historic structures in need for upgrading. The unique advantages offered by fibre reinforced polymers (FRP), low weight, corrosion resistance, availability in practically unlimited lengths, easy handling etc., have made these materials ideal candidates for increasing the strength, stiffness and ductility characteristics of historic structures. Most of the applications worldwide of the FRP strengthening technique to historic structures are found in old masonry buildings. However, structures made of other materials too, such as timber and cast iron, or even old concrete, have received upgrading through the use of FRP.

Beyond Materials Group offers products and services for structural preservation and restoration of historic buildings. Given the potential complexity of such projects, both the design and proper implementation of the design repair are critical to success.

Beyond Materials Group offers a wide variety of carbon fibre repair systems, including:

  • Carbon fibre repair systems for concrete
  • Carbon fibre system for timber frames repairs and strengthening
  • Structural steel repairs with carbon fibre
  • Strengthening of masonry walls