Beyond Materials

Concrete repair with Carbon Fibre

Material used: Fibre Jacket™ 230 gsm carbon fibre reinforcement straps 500mm width, epoxy structural adhesive.

Contractor installer – 1300nonslip 


The unidirectional carbon fibre fabric was chosen to provide strength across the cracks and help to hold two sections of the concrete slab together.
Beyond Materials Group company was able to send all of the products required for the repair overnight and 1300nonslip   team was able to begin the repairs the following day.

There were also cracks in the concrete column under the slab and they were able to use the same repair method to address these cracks.
The 1300nonslip company used Fibre Jacketcarbon fibre repair system to meet the needs of the project while staying on schedule and on budget.


Beyond Materials Group -advanced composite materials and carbon fibre repair systems.

From our head office in Gold Coast we are able to ship our materials Australia wide.

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