Beyond Materials carbon fibre sheets are our stiffest and strongest flat material option for structural applications where minimum weight is essential. Depending on product, these sheets are made from uni-directional prepreg and/or twill prepreg fabrics. These plates are manufactured under heated pressure, producing a plate with reduced voids and higher temperature specifications. These sheets are also available with stiffer high modulus fibers and high temperature epoxy.

Used in the aerospace, automotive , manufacturing and robotic industries because of its strength and damage tolerance.




One of the most advanced techniques for making composite components is by using prepreg carbon fibre
reinforcement, cured under heat and pressure to produce professional quality parts with a high quality
surface finish, low resin content and excellent structural performance.

Beyond Materials prepreg carbon fibre system is designed specifically for out-of-autoclave (vacuum bag, oven cure) processing. Our prepreg system capable of producing carbon fibre components with a ‘class A’ surface finish when oven-cured under vacuum pressure.



Beyond Materials Group offers a wide range of carbon fibre tubes for many different applications.

Due to their unique properties, carbon fibre tubes are used in numerous applications over traditional materials such as aluminum, steel and titanium.

  • High strength and stiffness with low weight
  • Excellent fatigue resistance
  • Dimensional stability: Low to Zero CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion)

Carbon fibre tubes are used in numerous applications like tactical ladders, trusses, drones, manufacturing and robotics. We are able to manufacture round and square tubes from 8mm to 100mm. Contact us to discuss manufacturing carbon fibre tubes to your custom specifications.



Carbon fibre is a lightweight, durable fibre used in advanced composites. Made of thin, strong crystalline graphite materials, carbon fibre fabric has a wide arrange of applications due to its ability to be formed at various densities, allowing it to form into limitless shapes and sizes.

Used in the aerospace, construction, automotive and marine industries because of its strength and damage tolerance.



Beyond Materials Group is a growing manufacturer of  carbon fibre materials and can meet your specification and quality requirements for a wide variety of custom carbon fibre applications. From our head office in Gold Coast we are able to ship our carbon fibre products Australia wide.

Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth.