Fibre Jacket™ – Carbon Fibre repair system offers economical and efficient solutions for concrete, steel and timber repair and strengthening .



Fibre Jacket™ System provides a nonmetallic chemical and corrosion resistant structural repair and reinforcement. This is a combination of high performance epoxies and custom-made carbon fibre fabric. This combination produces a noncorrosive structural repair that is easily installed and conforms to various shapes and sizes. Fibre Jacket™ is designed with a minimum of two layers of carbon fibre fabric with additional reinforcement being achieved through additional layers.

Fibre Jacket™ system is designed for multiple applications, including beams, columns, walls, piles,slabs, pedestals, silos, and secondary containment.


Features & Benefits:

  • Repairs are applicable to all materials (steel, concrete, timber, etc.)
  • Can increase axial, shear and flexural capacity
  • Minimal increase in dimensions
  • Repairs are fast with no disruption of service



Carbon Fibre Residential wall repairs

Carbon fibre is affordable to use in residential foundation repair applications. Once carbon fibre is bonded to the wall with epoxy, the wall can no longer deflect or move. When carbon fibre is applied, it actually makes the wall stronger than it was before. Carbon fibre applications are commonly used prior to basement remodeling projects so that homeowners can remodel with the assurance that their walls are solid and are as strong as they can be.



Fibre Jacket™ S composite repair system is comprised of a unique, bidirectional Carbon Fibre fabric, saturated with Beyond Materials® Epoxy and primer system.

Fibre Jacket™ S is a strong composite created at room temperature on-site . Its lightweight materials are easy to install — no welding, no hot work, no shutdown. It provides a corrosion barrier for degraded piping and can be installed with common tools in less than 30 minutes. It offers noncorrosive structural repair that is easily installed and conforms to various shapes and sizes.


System is designed for multiple repair issues including:

  • External Corrosion
  • Cracks
  • Leaks
  • Dents
  • Through Holes

Thin sheets of Carbon Fibre with a thickness of approximately 1.3 mm can be applied to the outside or inside surface of the pipe similar to wallpaper to strengthen the pipe. These materials cure within a day and reach a tensile strength three times that of steel.


Features & Benefits:

  • Most repairs require zero or minimal excavation
  • Can increase the pressure rating of the pipe significantly
  • Repairs can be done internally or externally
  • Minimal increase in wall thickness (5mm)
  • Repairs are fast with minimal downtime
  • Ideal for spot repair of only damaged areas