BlackBar™ is a Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) rebar that extends the life of concrete projects such as slabs, foundations, precast products, marine and general construction. GFRP is 2x stronger and 4x lighter than traditional steel rebar. A bundle of 10mm BlackBar™ GFRP rebar – 120 lm- only weighs 18kg and is easily carried by one person. GFRP can be walked on and driven over by vehicles.

BlackBar™ is cheaper than steel and will not corrode in high chloride applications which keeps the budget on track while resulting in a concrete that outlasts traditional steel-reinforced.

BlackBar™ Glass Fibre Rebar is available in 6-24mm diameters, manufactured to required size up to 12m


GFRP Dowel Bar

Dowel Bars are used as a load transfer device between joints in concrete slabs. They provide a mechanical connection between slabs but allow for horizontal contraction and expansion of the slab itself. This results in lower deflections at the joints and reduced slab stresses. Joint failure is often the result of corrosion of the steel dowel bar.

Black Bar GFRP Dowels will not rust or corrode, meet shear capacity requirements and may reduce fatigue stresses in the surrounding concrete, due to the lower stiffness of the GFRP Dowels. These bars are also electromagnetically transparent and are frequently used in high-speed toll collection areas near inductance sensors.

Beyond Materials Group PTY LTD is a growing manufacturer of  GFRP products and can meet your specification and quality requirements. From our factory in Loganholme, Queensland we manufacture and ship our composite reinforcement products Australia wide.

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