Made from volcanic rock, non corrosive materials

Basalt Rebar

Basalt Rebar is an alternative to steel and fibreglass for concrete reinforcement.

Basalt fibre is a high performance non-metallic fibre made from basalt rock melted at high temperature.

Key Benefits of Basalt rebar:

  • High strength and low weight
  • High corrosion resistance
  • High tensile modulus
  • Non-conductive and non magnetic
  • Easy installation



Basalt rebar has much higher tensile strength than steel or fibreglass rebar of the same diameter.

Being 8-10 times lighter than steel, Basalt rebar is much easier to install.

Corrosion Resistance
Basalt does not rust or absorb water, so the depth of concrete cover can be reduced, allowing for thinner sections and more flexibility of design.

Basalt rebar is perfect for pervious concrete or applications where concrete is exposed to marine environments or areas affected by road salt. Basalt is naturally resistant to alkalis and will not act as a conduit for moisture.

Tensile Modulus
Since Basalt is so strong in tension and compression, it cannot be bent or formed like steel. If tensile modulus issues arise, modifying the Basalt rebar adding more basalt in finer diameters in tighter grids closer to the surface will overcome any tensile modulus issues. Basalt rebar has the same thermal coefficient of expansion as concrete.

Basalt rebar is easily cut to length with regular tools.

Basalt rebar does not conduct electricity or induce fields when exposed to RF energy, great for MRI or data buildings.

Basalt rebar is perfect for Marine environments and Chemical plants where corrosion is a continuous concern.

Basalt Rebar is available in the following diameters: 4mm. 6mm. 8mm. 10mm. 12mm or customized.

Basalt Fibre Fabric

Basalt fibre is in a lot of ways a better alternative to fiberglass, made from basalt, a hard, dense, volcanic rock. It provides high temperature performance and superior strength.


It offers a middle ground between glass and carbon, and can be a cheaper alternative when carbon fibre would be considered ‘over engineering’.

Additionally basalt fibre is naturally UV resistant, and can maintain its physical integrity up to 1000 deg C!



  • High mechanical strength and modulus.
  • High resistance to chemical aggressive environment and in particular high alkali resistance will not allow to appear of rust or corrode.
  • Minimizes crack width and spread.
  • Easy to install and use. No special equipment is required.
  • Extremely low coefficient of heat conductivity significantly reduces heat transfer from building exteriors to interiors and significantly improves energy efficiency.
  • Much higher electrical resistance compared to steel.


Basalt Geo-Grid Mesh

Strengthen concrete with basalt mesh

Basalt Mesh Geo-grid is available in different sizes with epoxy coatings for concrete and asphalt reinforcement.

Basalt Mesh is better than steel for many reasons
• Stronger than steel wire of comparable size
• By far lighter and easier to handle and install (no nasty cuts).
• Will not rust or corrode or cause cracking of concrete
• Flexible for easier design
• Basalt does not conduct electricity or induce electric fields
• Basalt Mesh binds well with both asphalt and concrete
• Customize mesh sizes available 4-40mm



 Basalt Fibre Geo-Grid Mesh

Used for reinforcing asphalt-concrete (covering in construction, reconstruction and repair of airport, runways, highways and any pavements, pedestrian ways, road inclines and banks).

The reinforcement with basalt mesh Geo-grid increases the overall reliability, safety and the cutting process output. The strength of basalt mesh is as good as metal reinforcement, however it is lighter, thereby simplifying transportation and handling in construction.

Basalt Geo-grid Mesh is more durable than metallic and glass-fiber reinforcement due to basalt fiber’s excellent performance. Like all the basalt articles it is an ecologically safe material.

 Basalt Chopped Fibres

Basalt Chopped Fibres can be mixed directly into polymers and concrete to increase tensile strength and reduce cracking and chipping. ( Chopped Carbon Fibres are also available)

Basalt Chopped Fibres – Features & Benefits
• High tensile strength
• Resistant to alkali in concrete and require no special coatings
• Do not conduct electricity or induce electrical fields
• Do not absorb or wick water
• Will not harbor bacteria or microbial growth
• Has good fatigue resistance