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Basement wall repair with carbon fibre

Material used: Fibre Jacket™ 645 gsm carbon fibre reinforcement straps 500mm width, epoxy structural adhesive.

A potential buyer was concerned about the possibility of future damage from cracks in the basement foundation walls.  An engineering report has stated that carbon fibre was needed to fix the issue.

Contractor installer – Beyond Materials Group

Beyond Materials Group installation team was deployed to conduct the repairs.

The carbon fiber repair process involves installing carbon fibre strips inside of the basement on the walls. This is a much less obtrusive way of foundation repair, and it leaves less mess and damage to fix up in the long run. The final product can be painted over and it’s almost invisible.  It also takes less time than other methods, and therefore, if you can get it, it’s a great option for bowing or leaning walls.

The repairs was finished within few hours and within budget.

Beyond Materials Group -advanced composite materials and carbon fibre repair systems.

From our head office in Gold Coast we are able to ship our materials Australia wide.

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